Beer Pong Tables make great holiday gifts

The ORIGINAL and the OFFICIAL BEER PONG TABLE for the game of Beer Pong or "Beirut".

Proud table sponsor of the most beer pong tournaments on the planet, including THE WORLD SERIES OF BEER PONG I & WSOBP II. Featured in FHM MAGAZINE, PLAYBOY, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, ABC NEWS and the NEW YORK TIMES!

The BING BONG® Table was created in the summer of 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An official BING BONG® Table is the most convenient way to play the game known to twenty-somethings nationwide as beer pong or "Beirut". It is the first portable table designed for this game. This game is extremely popular within the age bracket of 21-35, and is the centerpiece of any party where it is played. It is mostly played in college parties, bars, and tailgates and can also be used for other games including the popular flip cup.

Never heard of beer pong? Two teams go head-to-head; taking turns shooting ping-pong balls into a triangle of cups at the opposite end of the table. When the ball lands in the cup, the cup is removed until one team sinks all of the cups on their opponent's side.  Click here for a beer pong diagram from the Wall Street Journal.

Our table offers you the convenience of taking this game virtually anywhere. With this portable, compact, lightweight design it allows for the game to be played and stored away at one's choice. Most playing tables are made of plywood, heavy surfaces, or even home goods such as closet doors.

We started making our tables from scratch, in our dilapidated row home off South Street, in Philadelphia.  It was a very long & difficult journey; from being able to build and paint a few tables each weekend, to wrapping each surface in acrylic and riveting 10 tables a day in our living room assembly line, to the present day, where we continue to be the largest beer pong company on the planet.  Not only in number of tables, but more importantly, in the scope and size of the BING BONG network of leagues, bars, reps and resellers.

Bing Bong proudly sponsors the Largest and Most Competetive Official Beer Pong Tournaments & Events Series. Period.