Bing Bong - The Original Portable Beer Pong Table


The ORIGINAL and the OFFICIAL BEER PONG TABLE for the game of Beer Pong or "Beirut".

To understand the difference between BING BONG® TABLES and the infringing copycat (or knock-off) products you may see online,
please click to read this IP LEGAL NOTICE TO VIOLATORS.

Since 2004, Bing Bong have been producing the highest quality, most convenient, collapsible and all around kick ass beer pong tables in the world. If you don’t believe us, just ask FHM MAGAZINE, PLAYBOY, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, ABC NEWS and the NEW YORK TIMESall of which have featured our quality beer pong tables. BING BONG® Tables are the authentic and "Original Briefcase Beer Pong"™ Tables, and our tables were the FIRST BEER PONG TABLES to be retailed nationally in Spencer Gift Stores (2005-2009) and FYE Stores (2008-2009).

If you have something specific in mind, Bing Bong can also create your own custom beer pong tables for you.  Our professional graphic designers can work with you to help you make the customized beer pong table of your dreams.  Just check out the custom beer pong tables page for more info.

In addition to tables, Bing Bong offers a huge selection of beer pong table supplies.  Find everything from beer pong shirts, balls, racks, dvds and more.  We also provide information on the official beer pong rules as well as upcoming tournament information.  We are your authentic and lawful authoritative source for everything BEER PONG!!! 

Bing Bong proudly sponsors the Largest and Most Competetive Official Beer Pong Tournaments & Events Series. Period.